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About EcoTimber® Wood Flooring

EcoTimber® Wood Flooring

EcoTimber® engineered flooring has all the benefits of laminated flooring—including superior stability and easy installation—and the look of solid wood. In engineered flooring, a surface layer of high-quality hardwood is bonded to two wood sub-layers. Cross-ply construction makes the product more stable than solid wood. Our wear layers are among the thickest on the market: 3.6mm (just over .14"), allowing many more sandings than the typical engineered floor's 1/10-inch "veneer" layer.

EcoTimber engineered flooring can be nailed down like solid flooring, glued directly to concrete, or "floated" (gluing the planks to each other and not to the subfloor). Because they are prefinished, these products do not have to be sanded and finished on the jobsite, and are easy and inexpensive to install.

Our engineered floors feature a state-of-the-art UV-cured aluminum oxide finish that is among the most durable available, making our product ideal for demanding commercial as well as residential applications.

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